Chicken And Vegetable Skillet

A straightforward, quick and meal that is delicious.




2 Tbsp. petroleum
2 poultry chest, reduce into 1-inch items
1 onion, carefully sliced
5 carefully diced tomatoes
1 potatoes that are kg
2 yellowish or pepper that is red
I go of broccoli
2 carrots, finely diced


Strip the potatoes and slice into cubes, next deep-fry all of them until crispy along with away.
In a skillet that is large sauce skillet, temperatures 1 spoon from the petroleum over reduced temperatures. Put poultry; make, flipping periodically until poultry try browned on all side. Pull from skillet to dish.
Towards the skillet that is same put staying spoon petroleum additionally the onion; make more lowest temperature until onion try softened and golden-brown. Put tomatoes to skillet; make 2 to three full minutes lengthier. Blend in carrots and veggies (broccoli, celery, and pepper). Include skillet with foil or lid; make 5 mins, stirring as soon as.

Come back chicken to skillet; if preferred, month with pepper and salt. Include; make 8 to ten full minutes lengthier, stirring periodically. Appreciate!


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