Congratulations To Our Photo Contest Winners!

Thanks a lot to any or all just who published images for APHAs 2013 get pup-Preparedness that is ready competition! We obtained numerous great, lovable photographs it was difficult to pick the champions.
Congratulations venture out to the 16 winning professional photographers in addition to their companions that are furry

Ashell Alston, image of Brown
Patricia Baltasar, image of Friend
Patrick Benko and Jackie Benko, image of Sadie
Charlene Excellent, image of Kennedy
Christopher Chadwick, image of Gadget
Asher Grady, image of Lucas
Ann Hueber, image of Calvin
Katy Krings, image of Trinity and Neo
Dan and Vivian Liberti, image of Ansel Wolfgang
Christopher Mangal, image of Argo
Raed Mansour, image of Opportunity
Sarah Marikos, image of Giacoma
Lili McDonald, image of Schwanson
Nolan Patal, image of Rani
Susan Polan, image of Tally
Michelle Sanborn, image of Cooper
Christine Yamazaki, image of Julian

We are employed today to generate a 2014 schedule featuring the winning photographs, which we are going to upload from the attain site that is ready November. Better additionally pass around totally free difficult copies in the get booth that is ready APHA's 141st yearly fulfilling and Exposition in Boston in November.
We are going to display the winning photographs plus some associated with the some other distribution from the attain site that is ready November, very test in those days!


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