Couscous With Carrots, Walnuts, And Raisins Recipe

This grain that is quick-cooking have a little nice and nutty tastes to visit with many biggest meals.

Menu Supply: Deliciously Healthier Meals

Preparation energy:5 moments

Prepare energy:12 minutes


1 C couscous (decide to try whole-wheat couscous)

1 tsp. Vegetable oil

2 Tbsp. Walnuts, coarsely sliced

tsp. Sodium

/ tsp. Ebony pepper

Tsp. pumpkin cake cinnamon or spruce

1 / glass h2o

2 Tbsp. raisins

C celery, rinsed, peeled, and shredded or thinly cut; reduce in two

In a saucepan that is 4-quart moderate heating, cook and stir couscous, essential olive oil, walnuts, sodium, pepper, and spruce only until couscous starts to brown.

Gradually include h2o, then raisins and celery. Address. Provide a boil over high temperature.

Eliminate through the temperatures, and permit represent 15 minutes.

Nonsense with a hand. Provide straight away.


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