Egg-Fried Rice Quick And Easy

Egg-fried grain is not difficult to organize and tastes fantastic as meals by itself. When it comes to result that is best, ensure that the grain try made and cooled off ahead of time so that it will not put collectively when frying.

Egg-fried grain menu
Egg fried rice. Deceptively easy, but a big preferred and crowd-pleaser.


1 egg
2 tsp oil that is sesame
2 tbsp veggie petroleum
200 gm long-grain rice weight that is(uncooked, made and leftover to visit cooler
100 gm peas that are frozen defrosted (wash under hot water to achieve this easily)
4 spring season onions, carefully sliced
100 gm beansprouts (recommended)
1-2 tsp soya sauce
Ground pepper that is white



Defeat together the egg and oil that is sesame place to at least one area. Heat the veggie petroleum in a wok or huge pan that is frying. If it is shimmering and virtually cigarette smoking, put the stir-fry and rice for around 3-4 mins until entirely warmed up through.
Put the peas, spring season onions and beansprouts, if making use of. Stir-fry, flipping the grain consistently across the skillet, for approximately three full minutes. Month really with soya sauce and pepper, push to one then region of the skillet. Pour the defeated egg blend in to the opposite side and then leave for approximately 10 mere seconds therefore it starts to put. Making use of a chopstick, quickly swirl all over egg to split it then throw in with all the grain. Stir-fry for a minute that is further offer right away.

Egg-fried grain: vitamins and minerals per portion (6)


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