Health Benefits Of Betel Nut

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Health gains of Betel Fan
Areca catechu (betel palm that is nut
Arecaceae (Arecoideae), hand families
Usual names;betel nut palm, areca, areca-nut (English); pugua (Guam), poc (Pohnpei), pu (Chuuk), bu (Yap), bua (Palau), buai(brand new Ireland: Kuanua), buei (brand new Ireland: Pala), vua (brand new Ireland: Lamekot)

Betelnut(Areca catechu)isaslender,single-trunkedpalmthat can expand to 30 m (100 ft). It's developed from EastAfricaandtheArabianPeninsulaacrosstropicalAsiaandIndonesia on the Pacific that is central and Guinea. Thenut (actually the seed endosperm) are chewed as a stimulantmasticatory by 5% on the planets people, makingit much more popular than gum however as popular astobacco.Useofbetelnutisoftenculturallyorsociallyritualized,andthereareelaborateceremoniesattendingitsuseinvarious Asian and cultures that are pacific. At exactly the same time,betelchewingisstigmatizedbyWesternculturesthatfind the yellow spit and blackened teeth caused by regularuse (and of course the spitting out from the redsaliva)tobeestheticallydisgusting that is copious.

The crazy, husks, younger propels, buds, foliage, and root areusedinvariousmedicinal


Thefreshordriedendospermoftheseedisthebetelnutof commerce. The betel quid (wad of chewable foods)includesthefreshordriedseedofbetelnut,afreshleafofbetel pepper(Piper betle),adabofslakedlime,andvarious flavorings (cutch, cardamom, clove, cigarette, orgambier). Eight directly appropriate alkaloids were responsiblefor the catalyst result; the levels that are alkaloid greatest intheunripefruitandthismaybewhysomeculturespreferthe unripe crazy for usage: they provide a significantly better buzz.Notethatwhenchewedforthestimulanteffectbetelquidisneverswallowedandthecopioussalivaresultingisspat out..However, whenever put medicinally betel addict may betakeninternally.Oneofitseffectsisapowerfulstimulustointestinalperistalsis;betelnutisusedtotreatalonglistofailments.The Indianpan(pronouncedpon)isacommon after meal handle, behaving against post-meal listlessness andasadigestif.

Beautiful/fragrant flowers


Fallenfronds,bracts,inflorescencescouldbeusedforfuel;culled woods might be put asfirewood. In application, thehusksremovedfromthefruitsduringprocessingareusedasdomesticfuelafterdrying.


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