Healthy And Easy Yogurt Muffins

Would you like to get ready an unusual and breakfast that is simple your children? We've got these yogurt muffins being very easy to get ready and also presentation that is excellent. If generated precisely, you have an unique tastes along with your group can take advantage of with a fruit fruit juice or tea that is iced. Dare your self!!


1 yogurt that is naturalabout 125 g)
3 egg
125 g glucose

150 g all-purpose flour
1 tsp vanilla extract herb
1 tsp cooking dust

Preheat the oven to 180C / (350F). Range muffin tins with papers liners.

The eggs and the sugar until you obtain a homogeneous mixture in an electric mixer, beat on medium speed. Put the natural yogurt, the vanilla extract mix and extract for just two to three full minutes to feature. Decrease the mixer speed to decreased, create the flour blended with the cooking dust and defeat until a creamy and mixture that is homogeneous.
Pour smaller portions from the solution in to the papers linersand bake until a toothpick put in the exact middle of a muffin is released thoroughly clean, about fifteen to twenty mins (the  right times is dependent on the range).

Get rid of the muffins through the oven,let cool to place serve and temperature.


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