How To Cook Tripe For Dinner (Matumbo)

The belly of a cow, pig, sheep or ox ox creating probably the flavor that is best. Tripe is generally ended up selling exclusively cleaned or prepared to cook and is also greatly an acquired preferences. Based which pet referring as a result are going to have a appearance that is differenthoneycomb tripe was reckoned by some are the greatest to cook) nevertheless the tastes is similar.

Tripe quality recipes

Tripe 1 kg.
preparing petroleum.
4 light bulb onions.
1 tomato that is large.
3 chilies that are fresh.
One half tsp cumin seed products.
1 spoon tomato paste.
1 tsp ginger paste that is fresh.
Sodium to flavoring.


Boil tripe till delicate. We made use of stress cooker and boiled for approximately 25 mins. Dice onions and combine with cumin seed products and fry till golden-brown. Create fry and tripe for approximately five full minutes, whether or not it gets as well dry create a tablespoon of liquids.
Today create new ginger and change for several minutes you can add your own tomatoes, the new chili, (whole in the pan), salt and tomato paste then fry for about 7 minutes and it is done as they are, just make a slit through each and throw it.
Offer hot with musical accompaniment of your preference.


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