Lung Flute-Mucus Clearing Device

Lung Flute-Mucus Cleaning Product

The Lung Flute are a tool put to greatly help loosen, mobilize and do away with secretions into the airways

Selecting respite from COPD warning signs? Possible inhale simpler with an innovative device that is mucus-clearing the Lung Flute.


For those who suffer with continual mucus obstruction as a result of COPD, symptoms of asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, along with other breathing conditions, locating an effective way to dislodge the strong, heavy mucus into the torso can seem to be difficult.

The Lung Flute by healthcare Acoustics is an effectual, non-invasive product this is certainly user friendly and drug-free – merely strike involved with it without any even more power than is required to strike down a birthday candle that is single.

All of our trials that are clinical demonstrated the Lung Flute are:

Simple to use
Mobilizes lung that is deep
Functions at low-pressure
Enhances total well being score in COPD clients

Positive Lung Flute-Mucus Cleaning Product

Various other mucus clearing products rely on stress and cannot attain lung mucus that is deep. The FDA-cleared* Lung Flute could be the product that is only makes use of sounds vibration to promote your body's organic mucus-clearing program – successfully getting thinner and dislodging mucus deep during the lungs in order that it's more straightforward to cough upwards.

The Lung Flute for homecare provides these pros:

Simple to use
No variations
Applied twice daily, gets better well being score in COPD clients
Improved clearance that is mucociliary
Low-pressure procedure

The Lung Flute are showed for positive expiratory force treatments from the Food And Drug Administration. The Lung Flute doesn't have contraindications.
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