Matoke With Peanut Stew

Matoke with peanut stew is actually a Ugandan meal. The sauce can be flavored with then herbs that you choose.

Matoke peanut stew menu

6 bananas that are green
2 Tbsp. preparing petroleum
1 onion, carefully sliced
3 cloves garlic, minced
eco-friendly bell pepper, sliced
3 tomatoes, chopped and peeled
1 tsp. tomato insert
Pepper and salt
tsp. chili dust (recommended)
1 tsp. cumin dust
2 seasoning cubes
Tbsp. peanut butter that is smooth
Cup coriander that is fresh, sliced

Strip the apples and set in cool water to make sure they're from blackening just like you peel. Slice the apples into halves and set in a pot that is large sufficient h2o to pay for all of them. Boil the apples for approximately 7 – ten minutes next grab the heat off along with all of them away. Don't afin de the water out.
Heat the oil that is cooking a large skillet over average temperatures. Saute the onions until translucent and soft. Put the garlic, fry for a seconds that are few put the tomato insert. Fry for approximately 1 min while stirring.

Put 1 / 2 of the sliced bell peppers and hold stirring for the next full min approximately. Then, incorporate the tomatoes and lower heat to reduced. Fry through to the tomatoes develop into a paste. Month with pepper and salt.

Put one seasoning cube, chili dust (if making use of), and cumin dust, fry for a seconds that are few stirring. Put one half a cup for the liquid utilized to cook the stir and matoke. Provide a boil for a minutes that are few put the peanut butter. Put another cup that is half of matoke liquid and blend.

Change the pepper and salt seasoning based on the choice. Decrease the temperature to fully reduced and put the matoke for the sauce. Put the bell that is remaining and seasoning cube. Address and then leave to simmer for approximately five full minutes. As soon as finished, grab the heat off, garnish with dhania and serve with steamed Rice.


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