Minced Meat With Rice Recipe

Minced chicken has become most challenging for most of you to definitely create ergo you eliminate preparing they, but after studying the dish, your shall observe that it isn't really as tough to prepare just like you believe.

Minced Beef with Grain Dish

Minced meat – / kg
Tomatoes – 3[chopped]
2 onions [chopped]
Garlic-ginger insert – 1 table-spoon
Garam masala – /tea scoop
Ebony pepper – / tea scoop
Tomato insert – 1 tea-spoon
Carrots – 3 pieces that are big
Celery – 3 parts
Maggi cubes – 2 obstructs
Curry dust – /tea scoop

Boil the beef until tender [do not include water]. In a cooking that is separate fry onions until they change golden-brown, include garlic-ginger paste, blend, adding tomatoes and also the continuing to be herbs, adding the celery and also the carrots, blend and incorporate tomato insert and maggi cubes, blend to mix better. Include the meats include simply the seasoning and include a water that is ltheytle that it does not being thus thicker, simmer before the carrots and celery tend to be comfortable although not soft.
Provide with veggie grain or with white simple rice as revealed from inside the pictures above.


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