Mokimo Beef Sauce Recipe

Mukimo is among the essential bowls of the Kikuyu area in Kenya. They consist of environmentally friendly maize, carrots, environmentally friendly peas and kahurura (pumpkin foliage) all squeeze along. There are lots of variants of mukimo dish. Many people incorporate oatmeal as an alternative for your pumpkin foliage or kidney beans to replacement the peas that are green. In a few grouped forums, pumpkin can be used as an alternative for carrots.

Right here, we reveal to you a menu to make. Their simple to generate and also you shall have got all of one's family and friends requesting this menu.

Mokimo Menu


preparing petroleum

Boil carrots on salty drinking water until sensitive.
On a pot that is separate maize and clean the oatmeal.
Whenever carrots are carried out, before including oatmeal be sure carrots are nearly dry to prevent watery carrots.
Blend the oatmeal and incorporate to your boiled carrots, do not grind address for 10 minute.
When prepared add the prepared mix and maize completely, mash better and fry onions until tender increase the combination and blend better…..simple!

Meats Menu


Garlic/ginger insert
Cumin vegetables
Ebony pepper
Preparing oil

Boil meats until sensitive, empty the water that is excess
Fry cumin seeds and onions, until golden-brown and have them apart
Fry garlic/ginger insert and incorporate the boiled meats, prepare until golden brown
Keep frying to the taste, incorporate sodium, herbs plus some orange liquid if you want
Decrease to heat that is low provide a great blend for 10 minute, incorporate the onions and garnish with a few coriander, provide hot!

The sauce menu


Ripe tomatoes
Tomato insert
Herbs & Pepper

Mix tomatoes and hold apart
Fry onions plus some spices(turmeric)add the tomatoes that are blended
Simmer and stir until they thickens a little, add tomatoes paste/ salt
Then add drinking water in the event that sauce is simply too dense, whenever willing to the taste, provide hot!


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