My-Life-Pura Glucometer

Blood Glucose Levels Tracking Program

The user-friendly style and test that is reliable generate mylife Pura the perfect blood sugar meter for clients of any age.

Automobile Programming

The autocoding innovation enables you to examine your blood glucose levels without getting into a signal. The meter changes on instantly whenever a test that are new is clicked into place. An extra-large illuminated show with big digits helps to ensure that the display is very readable in most situations, even though the different applications are particularly easy to function making use of the control system that is 3-button.

Due to the technology that is latest, mylife Pura the most precise blood glucose levels m available on the market. It was confirmed by research contrasting mylife Pura with four blood that is established m together with resource lab means: based on the identified evaluation conditions and, in specific, in examination class at lowest glucose amount 1, 2

The mylife Softlance lancing product provides the level that is latest of convenience whenever obtaining a bloodstream test. Horizontal and straight vibration reduction makes sure sorts and lancet control that is gentle. Unneeded injury on the thumb pad become eliminated. The lancet can certainly be altered properly and simply: the ejection that is hygienic implies that you'll be able to eliminate the lancet without coming in contact with they.

The clean elimination of the exam remove without bloodstream call provides safety that is enhanced the place of work.

Short Functions :

Fast results that are testing 5 Moments
Sites 500 information over time and time
Normal outcomes of 1,7,14,30 and 3 months
Comfortable strips that are test
USB Information Move

Rates : Rs.2100.00
Include 10 strips that are test
10 Lancets
01 Mellow Lancing Product

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