Novopen-4 Insulin Delivery Device

NovoPen-4 Insulin Shipments Pencil Costs : INR-675.00 Few Advantages Of NovoPen 4

Enhanced security

Serving size now is easier to learn and three times heavier

Enhanced ergonomics

Injections power is reduced by 50per cent
Less drive button

Enhanced benefits

Each injections ends up with a simply click for your benefit
You can suited a dosage environment without shedding insulin by just back that is dialing
The cartridge owner is generally turned down in one single turn motion that is quick
The piston pole is actually returned simply by moving they right back until they prevents and locks into room

NovoPen 4 are Avaiable in 2 colour gold & azure NovaPen 4 may be used making use of the insulins that are following
Mixtard 30 HM Penfills
Mixtard 50 HM Penfills
NovoRapid HM Penfills
NovoMix HM Penfills

Observe the NovoPen-4 Fast Working Manual

Diabetic Issues Associated Content :


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