Nutritious And Healthy Chicken Stew


This chicken that is stewed with peas, carrot, and peppers is a superb option for a household meal, is actually hearty, healthy and well suited for kids and grownups! Check it out!!


1.2 chicken that is kg into components
300 grms peas
1 carrot that is large
5 tablespoons oil that is olive
1 tsp paprika
3 bay foliage
Pepper (to flavor)
1 onion that is large
4 cloves of garlic
/ environmentally friendly pepper
/ reddish pepper
Nutmeg to flavor
Saffron to flavor
3 moderate tomatoes that are ripe
Sodium (to flavor)


The peeled tomato cut into small pieces, the peeled garlic, the peas, the peppers cut into strips, the sliced carrot and the chicken in a saucepan, put the chopped onion. Period with a salt that is little paprika, nutmeg, saffron, pepper and bay-leaf. Drizzle with olive place and oil the cooking pan over medium-low temperature about 50 to 55 moments, stirring sometimes.
Become the heat off and provide the poultry with white grain or boiled carrots.

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