One Touch Ultra-2 Blood Glucose Monitor

One Touch Ultra-2 Blood Sugar Levels Track

Meter Rate : Rs-2390.00

One Touch Ultra 2 model that is improved of Touch super


Big,Easy, to read through show with Backlight with Scrolling Up & Down
Descriptive Book & Mistake Emails
Solution to examination on Forearm, Plam or little finger
Effects is Flaged as Before dinner and After dinner

Offer Information:

One Touch Super 2 Meter
2 Battery Packs
Lancing Product
10 lancets that are sterile
Travel Case
Consumer Instructions
10 One Touch Super Pieces

Contour-TS-Blood Sugar Track
My-Life-Pura Glucometer
Omnitest Plus
Accu-Chek Integra
One Touch Choose Easy Glucometer


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