Pear Mango Salsa Serve With Tortilla Chips Or Quesadillas

Whenever mangoes have been in period and abundant during the marketplace, their difficult to mango resist making salsa. Their easy! Its a salsa that is great provide with potato chips for a gathering, and its particular additionally a great side to fish meals.

Pear Mango Salsa Menu

Get this soothing, flavor-filled condiment part of your everyday diet plan.
Causes 6 portions. glass per portion.
Prep energy: half-hour

2 average pears, peeled, cored, and slash into smaller pieces
mango, peeled, seeded, and slash into smaller pieces
13 glass carefully sliced bell pepper that is yellow
13 glass carefully sliced bell pepper that is red
glass carefully sliced onion that is red
1 jalapeo that is small, seeded and carefully sliced
3 tablespoons carefully sliced cilantro that is fresh
2 teaspoons veggie petroleum lime liquid to flavor sodium to flavor

Blend all formulation in a bowl and refrigerate in a container that is covered at minimum thirty minutes or as much as 3 hrs before helping.
Provide with tortilla potato chips, quesadillas, or roasted or grilled meats or seafood.


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