Savory Brown Rice Recipe

This savory, wealthy area recipe is very good with steak, chicken, and poultry foods

Make times: 25 minutes|Prep times: 15 minutes

1 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
1 C onion, sliced
1 C portabella mushrooms, rinsed, halved, then thinly cut
C oatmeal, rinsed and carefully diced
2 C chicken broth that is low-sodium
1 C quick rice that is brown uncooked
C dry parsley
tsp. Sodium
Soil pepper that is black flavoring
Technique of preparing
In a saucepan that is 4-quart comfortable vegetable oil over average temperatures. Create onion, mushrooms, and oatmeal. Prepare and blend for 57 mins, until all veggie become comfortable,  not brown.
Blend for the poultry broth, brown grain, parsley, sodium, and pepper. Address. Provide a boil over high temperature.
Lower heating to media. Make relating to rice that is brown information, about 510 mins. Strain down any liquid that is excess. Nonsense with a fork. Offer right away.


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