Simple Spicy Green Peas For Dinner

a plate of this recipe with grain tends to make a simple, delicious and dinner that is healthy.
Hot peas that are green
Its tasty however simple and easy to prepare. It's an easy yet dish that is highly favorable.

3 potatoes that are large cubed
Tsp smashed garlic
Tsp smashed ginger
Celery, diced
2 tomatoes that are large
1 onion, sliced
1 sliced Bell pepper
Better sliced (Coriander)
1 Tsp of blended herbs
Tsp of paprika
tsp of black colored pepper
A-pinch of cayenne pepper
2 glasses of poultry inventory
Environmentally friendly peas, boiled


1. create a tiny bit of oils in a wok or preparing pot and shallow fry the carrots for around three minutes, adding during the onions, garlic, blended herbs and paprika, black colored pepper, cayenne pepper and continue steadily to blend before the onions were somewhat golden-brown.
2. start to provide the tomatoes and tomato insert and continue steadily to prepare for around 2 moments before including the bell pepper, environmentally friendly peas, and salt to preferences.

3. include the poultry inventory, blend, cover and allow it to simmer up until the carrots were prepared through. Include the dhania that is chopped blend for about half a minute.

4. provide with Coconut grain.

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