Swine Flu (H1n1) Sypmtoms And Precaution

Swine Flu Virus (H1N1) Warning Signs & Preventative Measure

The sign of Swine flu virus is normal as much like standard Flu.

Coughing and sneezing
Fatigue and weakness
Muscle tissue and Osteoarthritis
Throat pain
Runny nostrils
Diarrheaor belly disturb
Lack of cravings

Safety Measures :

Eliminate Home Drugs
Protect the nose and mouth as soon as you sneeze and coughing.
Cleanse the hands usually with either water or soap or liquor centered sanitizers.
Check with your medical practitioner for those who have some of these disorders (fever, coughing, run nostrils, aching neck, throwing up or diarrhoea).
Be home more.
Posses enough rest, nutritionally beneficial as well as loads of dental water.
Namaste is superior to a handshake.


Never worry.
Never touching the vision, mouth and nose needlessly.
Never carry out travel that is unnecessary.
Eliminate congested areas & Unhygienic areas

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