10 Commandments For A Healthy Heart

10 Commandments For A Healthy Heart[unable to recover content that is full-text]

10 Commandments for a heart that is healthy

1. good attitude with well-balanced lifestyle, staying away from bad stress that is mental stress.

2. healthier food that is balancing with a minimum of 5 portions of vegetables & fruits every day, staying away from fatty foods and trans essential fatty acids.

3. Regular exercise that is aerobic of moments each day.

4. repair of optimum weight (human anatomy size list (BMI) below 25) particularly staying away from obesity that is abdominal.

5. eliminate extortionate sodium consumption to steadfastly keep up blood pressure that is normal.

6. state NO to cigarette in just about any kind like smoking that is passive.

7. Say NO to liquor.

8. entail activity that is physical the operating plan routine to the office if at all possible, make staircase and opt for a stroll during meal pauses.

9. office health ought to be marketed by integrating rest tips like extending & reflection.

10. see their figures see a doctor to understand the blood circulation pressure, cholesterol levels & blood sugar levels hold all below 100 ( suggests BP