2011-2012 Flu Season Is Officially Over

2011-2012 Flu Season Is Officially OverThis is all of our Flu that is last Friday regarding the period!
This  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the 2011-2012 flu season has officially ended week. The growing season is normally stated over whenever lower variety of folk go right to the physician for flu-like ailments.

Within the last FluView document, CDC reported that the belated and flu that is mild have ready the record for any lightest and slowest-starting flu virus period because it begun monitoring the flu virus in 1997.

Authorities arent positive precisely why the flu virus period had been very slight this season, however they thought it could need one thing to perform using the winter that is warm the fact most of the flu virus infections circulating this season had been additionally around this past year therefore the undeniable fact that more and more people within the U.S. posses received their own yearly flu chance.

This mean that is doesnt are completely flu-free today. The late start of this season and the fact that flu viruses circulate year-round in the United States means that some flu activity will likely continue to occur in the coming weeks as CDC wrote in its FluView report.

Yes, it is possible to however have the flu virus in the summertime! Us track the flu with our FluNearYou tool, well still send out the weekly How Are You Feeling? emails if youre helping.

Make sure to remain healthy come july 1st by doing hand-washing that is good. And forget that is dont browse all of our brand new summertime protected show, where better enable you to get ideas to remain healthy in order to have a great time all summertime very long!