Accu-Chek Integra

Accu-Chek IntegraCharacteristics:

Auto programming: secures meter is prepared for tests and shorten likelihood of problems.
No remove handling: Test remove Drum consists of 17 examination pieces and is also very easy to change.
Huge, easily readable screen.
Small blood sample that is 1.5L.
An easy task to teach and simple to utilize: just one single newspapers of a strip is supplied by a button, bloodstream was used, the other extra newspapers finishes the exam and produces the remove.
Notifications for under-dosing.
100 examination mind with date and time to help you evaluate listings.


Meter advertising: Accu-Chek Integra
Test remove: Accu-Chek Integra
Gauging assortment: 10-600 mg/dL (0.6-33.3 mmol/L)
Gauging times: ordinary 13- 15 mere seconds (dependent on quantity)
Program functioning ailments: +10C to +40C
Meter space ailments:
Without electric batteries and examination strips:-40C to +70C
With electric batteries and examination pieces: +2C to +30C
With electric batteries but without examination pieces: -10C to +50C
Moisture: significantly less than 80% comparative moisture
Mind ability: 100 test outcomes in time and big date, medium, finest and blood glucose reading that is lowest
Sizes: 103 52 31 mm
Lbs: Approx. 120 grams with electric batteries and examination remove drum
Screen: water amazingly Screen (LCD) with icons
Auto power-off: After 60 seconds/5 mins dependent on tests reputation
Power-supply: 2 electric batteries (sort AAA)
Life of the battery: no less than 500 indication
Screen:Infra-redinterface for cordless exchange of information with SIR-IR cable tv

Meter Items

Bring Circumstances
Electric Batteries
Thorough Owner's Hands-on
Accu-Chek Integra test remove drum
Accu-Chek Softclix lancing equipment
Accu-Chek lancets for almost blood collection that is pain-free

Beneficial Books

Coping with All Forms Of Diabetes Booklet *

Log-book for monitoring your own blood sugar amount *

Guaranty Credit

Accu-Chek additional care customers have entitlement to life time guaranty on Meter programs.

* To get your own backup of coping with all forms of diabetes booklet and also for a logbook that is fresh call Accu-ChekExtra practices.

Rate : Rs.1990.00

Include 1-Drum(17 strips that are test
10 Lancets
01 Flaccid Lancing Equipment
Relevant Stuff :


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