Announcing A New Feature Just In Time For Flu Season Flu Fridays!

Announcing A New Feature Just In Time For Flu Season Flu Fridays!The locations for ailments controls and avoidance reported week that is last flu virus task in the us is actually picking right up, with all the flu virus period likely to top in March or March and finally until might.
In light within this, had been announcing a brand new feature that is weekly APHAs Get Ready Blog Flu Fridays! Join all of us every monday for the remainder of the 2012 flu virus period, where very well be handling anything flu virus: From simply the fundamentals, to busting development about brand new kinds of the flu virus, to guidelines on how to deal we hope that doesnt happen!) if you end up sick this year (.

And dont stress better however bring standard articles about non-flu associated crisis readiness.

If theres things need all of us to resolve in a flu virus monday article, or at if you have a burning question about the flu, email us.

You may also allow us to monitor the flu virus out of your computers by becoming a member of Flu in your area! You once a week and ask how youre feeling after you sign up, well email. The data shall help identify where flu virus situations include happening. You can document whether some other person in your family, for example she or he, possess flu virus signs and symptoms.