Apple Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Apple Glazed Sweet PotatoesSo simple, merely simmer potato that is sweet in fruit juice and provide.

Nutrients suggestions per serving:Calories 208, carb 50 grams, soluble fbre 5 grams, proteins 3 grams, Total Fat 0 grams, saturated fats 0 g,Trans Fat 0 grams, cholesterol levels 0 milligrams, salt 200 milligrams

Fruit Glazed Pleasing Carrots Dish

Creates 4 portions. glass per portion.
Prep energy: 15 minutes
Prepare times: half an hour

2 glasses unsweetened 100% fruit fruit juice
tsp crushed cinnamon
tsp sodium
2 weight potatoes that are sweetabout 4 little carrots), peeled and thinly cut

Integrate fruit fruit juice, cinnamon, and sodium in a skillet that is large. Include cut potatoes that are sweet provide a boil over high temperature.
Lower heating somewhat and potatoes that are simmer stirring sporadically, for 20 to 25 moments or until carrots tend to be sensitive and liquid is lower to a glaze. Provide while hot.