Berkeley Preventing Flu In Kids With Fun Handwashing Program

A growing concern health officials in Berkeley, Calif., have found that teaching kids about flu prevention in a fun way can help keep children healthy with flu season just around the corner and H1N1 flu.
The Flu program, a community education effort sponsored by the City of Berkeley Public Health Division, officials are driving home the message that good hand hygiene habits are important for preventing the flu through its WHACK. The STRIKE the main scheduled tools name's an acronym for a number of flu virus avoidance tricks for teenagers: clean the hands; house is for the place you remain; refrain holding your own sight, nostrils and throat; manage your own coughs and sneezes; and keep range from folks who are coughing or sneezing.

This system teaches volunteers to do a skit in the risks of Fred the flu virus Germ and clarify most of the places that are many can be obtained, from noses, to fingers and education. The skit shows how to cover mouths when coughing or sneezing and even includes a handwashing song that helps kids learn how long to wash between giggles from the young ones.

This system, and that is getting used of the Berkeley college section as a measure that is preventive H1N1, aka swine flu virus, makes young ones worked up about cleansing their own fingers, performing the handwashing tune and tickled from the idea that they may steer clear of the Fred the flu virus Germ by whacking the flu virus.

As it can anywhere be performed, WHACK the flu virus has been utilized by wellness employees all over nation. Cost-free items from the scheduled regimen such as the skit, instructor examination kind and prints can be found web in both English and Spanish. Today take a look and help school kids prevent flu in your community.