Celebrate Get Ready Day On Sept. 16!

How ready are you currently as well as your people for an disaster or emergency? Backed by APHA, get day that is ready on Tuesday, Sept. 16, is actually increasing awareness about community readiness. Wherever you reside, there's always a chance of a health that is public, from earthquakes and hurricanes to transmittable condition or terrorism.
Deliver the get message that is ready the people during prepare time by keeping a meeting. You will find lots of useful preparedness that is free content in the prepare fact piece web page or through the Red mix. Sep try also nationwide readiness Month, therefore read this information that is great the government also. Us know if you hold a Get Ready event, drop us a line and let. We would like to listen that which you performed.

Due to the assistance and get events that are ready across the nation, we will be a little more ready for your worst!