Chan Bird Flu Deaths Set New Record In 2006

The director-general that is new of industry wellness company are caution nations not to ever be complacent about avian flu virus, observing that fatalities through the condition achieved an innovative new one-year saturated in 2006.
Talking from the day that is opening of Just who government Board fulfilling in Geneva on Monday, Margaret Chan, MD, miles per hour, stated that 267 problems of H5N1 avian flu virus have now been recognized in human beings since 2003, 161 of that have been deadly. The 2006 dying cost had been more than in most years that are previous resulting in a 70 per cent situation fatality rates for the season.

The virus "has lost none of its virulence," Chan said while the world has become accustomed to hearing about avian flu. The world is "years away" from controlling avian flu in the agricultural sector, Chan predicted as almost no country that has had avian flu outbreaks in its poultry flocks has successfully eliminated the virus.

"Countries made efforts that are heroic however the virus remains placed or comes home, time and again," she stated. "so long as the herpes virus will continue to flow in wild birds, the risk of a pandemic will continue."

Image Credit Score Rating: Industry Wellness Company