Check Out Our Newest Get Ready Fact Sheet Disaster Preparedness On The Road

Do you realize what you should do if you are in a motor car whenever a tornado hits? How about an earthquake? (sign: Dont playground under a bridge or overpass!)
April are sidetracked Operating understanding thirty days, therefore we considered it could be a good time to say our very own fact sheet that is newest about secure driving during catastrophes. Their filled with suggestions to truly get you willing to drive-in any kind of crisis. Weve additionally integrated recommendations on what you should retain in the car to make sure that you are cooked for catastrophes also whenever youre on the go. Click the known reality piece below to download a PDF in English. You will get a version that is spanish of reality piece to see each of some other information on all of our have the details web page.

You should check to see if your town has an evacuation route after you check out our fact sheet. And it, sit down with family and loved ones to plan a place to meet once everyone gets away from the disaster area safely while youre at.

Are ready for emergencies on your way shall make it easier to continue to be relaxed, push properly and show up live.