Cinnamon-Glazed Baby Carrots Recipe

Cinnamon-glazed kid celery

Prep energy: three full minutes

Make times: 11 mins


4 C kid celery, rinsed and divided lengthwise if most thicker (or suspended carrots that are pre-sliced

2 Tbsp. Flaccid bathtub margarine

2 Tbsp. Brown glucose

tsp. Soil cinnamon

/ tsp. Sodium

Position the celery in a saucepan that is small. Create water that is just enough scarcely manage the celery. Address. Provide a boil. Lower heating to media. Make for 78 mins, merely up until the celery are typically pierced with a knife that is sharp.

Although the celery become preparing, merge margarine, brown glucose, cinnamon, and sodium in limited saucepan, and burn collectively over reasonable heating (or devote a microwave-safe pan and microwave oven for several mere seconds on high-power, until margarine is generally melted). Blend really to mix elements.

Strain celery, making all of them for the saucepan. Pour cinnamon blend over celery. Prepare and blend over moderate temperatures for 23 mins, merely up until the celery become completely covered additionally the glaze thickens slightly. Provide heated.

Produce: 4 portions

Meal: 1 C celery

Each provides that are serving