Delicious Mashed Potatoes Stuffed With Minced Beef

A recipe that is delicious of carrots skilled with orange pepper and nutmeg, filled with minced chicken skilled with garlic, pepper, nutmeg, sodium and spread with parsley.


125 grms minced meat
1 potatoes that are kg
3 / tablespoons oil that is olive
1 onion that is medium
3 cloves of garlic
A couple of falls of orange juices
40 g margarine
Nutmeg (to style)
1 egg
Veggie petroleum for frying
Pepper (to style)
2 average tomatoes that are ripe
Parsley (to style)
Sodium (to style)


Month the meat that is minced sodium, sliced garlic, pepper, and nutmeg. Combine every little thing really along with away.

Meanwhile, rinse, peel the carrots and make all of them in a skillet with liquids accomplished with sodium about a half hour. If the carrots is made move all of them through a food factory. Position the puree into a bowl that is large month with nutmeg, pepper, a couple of falls of orange and margarine. Combine every little thing really and completely let cool.
The olive oil, the chopped onion and the peeled tomato broken into chunks in a frying pan place. Keep to saut more heat that is low the tomato beginning to digest. Create the animal meat, blend with a spoon and make about 20 minutes or so. Blend every now and then. Become the heat off and spread with sliced parsley.

Pull lightweight servings associated with puree, set in the hand of the hands, create a meat that is littlewithout any sauce), incorporate a tad bit more puree and shape in the form of pears. Layer in defeated egg after which in breadcrumbs. Fry in hot petroleum.

Offer with lettuce green salad.


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