Does It Work Does Drinking Salt And Water Solution Prevent Pregnancy Find Out!


There is a large number of lays and stories nowadays concerning how to lessen maternity just after non-safe sex, like urinating just after intercourse, cleansing the snatch immediately, ingesting alcohol that is heatedsimilar whiskey), making use of lime (or orange), an such like. Nothing among these in fact work!
But, one typical one (and this most girls rely on) try salt that is drinking liquid option just after intercourse.

No! Having salt and liquid just after intercourse doesnt operate, actually it to wash the vagina if you use! Today, in the past, youre wrongit didnt; it wasnt what protected you-you were most likely on your safe period and that was why you didnt get pregnant if you think it has worked for you! You used to be merely happy!

But, waiting! Exactly how in the world performed it is thought by you works?

First, neither sodium nor liquid nor salt-solution provides properties that are contraceptive do not have the capacity to lessen maternity (themselves).

And, furthermore, if youre planning on direct activity, no! Theres no connection that is direct the belly plus the uterus! Thus, having salty and liquid try a move that is wrong! The number one having salt that is excessive may do is always to get you to vomit right away which is useless (in controlling maternity) and damaging to your quality of life!

In reality, it really is a move that is dangerous! Because, we, healthcare men and nutritionists, dissuade too much sodium consumption and recommend men and women to reduce the amount down of sodium they just take.

Just like you have correctly identified, frequently having these sodium possibilities enhance the chance of high blood pressure and create blood that is poor regulation (for folks who curently have high blood pressure).

In situations of diarrhoea and nausea, we suggest that you just take sodium and glucose option (and ORT) as the body's water that is losing salts, and sugar! The sensible! We have been just changing what exactly is are destroyed in vomiting and diarrhea!

Thus, salt-and-water doesnt pregnancy that is prevent. They doesnt eliminate semen. They doesnt stop the semen from attaining the uterus.

But exactly why utilize this method that is fake you can find easy and efficient steps of avoiding maternity?

The earlier, the better like, you could use Emergency Contraceptives like Postinor, are very effective in preventing pregnancy if taken within 72 hours after sex. Should you vomit within 3 many hours of bringing the pill, just take someone else. They doesnt safeguard for consequent intercourse. It could, but, hurt your own menses that are next time (it could are available earlier on or afterwards) or even in levels (it may possibly be big or scanty, or perhaps not after all!)

Additional practices like usage of condoms, calendar means (and computing from the period that is safe, and detachment practices, if effectively and precisely put, bring a fantastic standard of advantages.

Thus, we returning: really does having sodium and h2o pregnancy that is prevent? NO!