Easy And Delicious Margarine Beef Rice

Margarine may be the choice that is best for wholesome and tasty meals for the entire group. Handle your family for this effortless and Beef Rice that is delicious menu.
Margarine Meat Grain Menu


2 tablespoons Azure Musical Organization Margarine
1 onion that is large cut
/cup sliced tilapia that is saltedrecommended)
1 / glasses grain
3 glasses drinking water
1 tsp sodium

Melt the margarine.
Incorporate the onion that is sliced fry until they begins to dye.
Incorporate the tilapia that is salted and fry before the onion has actually browned.
Incorporate the grain.
Blend to coating.
Include water and blend to integrate.
Put the top on.
Prepare on a heat that is gentle the grain are sensitive (about 15-20mins).
Provide with egg and sardines.