Easy Poached Egg And Smashed Avocado Toast

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Planning opportunity: five full minutes.
Make opportunity: five full minutes.
Complete opportunity: ten minutes.

4 eggs that are free-range.
2-4 cuts loaves of bread that you choose (we frequently need do-it-yourself loaves of bread).
1 avocado that is ripe.
orange liquid.
sodium & pepper to flavoring.

Heat a big non-stick pan that is frying average temperatures. Get down the egg so when their particular whites commence to make, put in about glass water that is boiling.
Protect with a cover and permit to make until completed to the choice. The bread and smash the avocado and season with lemon juice, salt & pepper in the meanwhile, toast.
Offer the toast topped together with the avo together with the eggs that are poach-fried very top.