Egg Stew And Steamed Rice

Egg include a alternative that is great beef in stews. This healthier, straightforward but curry that is delicious adequate evidence!
How exactly to plan egg stew

6 eggs, hard boiled
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 Tsp. new ginger, carefully sliced
2 onions that are large carefully sliced
3 tomatoes that are large carefully sliced
1 Tbsp. coconut oils
Tsp. powder that is turmeric
1 Tsp. cumin dust
1 Tsp. curry dust
a cupful coconut milk products
Sodium and pepper, to flavor
mug coriander makes, finely sliced
1. Heat the coconut oils in a pan that is large saute the onions until comfortable, include the garlic and fry for half a minute. Include the ginger, turmeric, cumin, curry dust, and tomatoes. Fry and stir for around 2 moments.
2. Next, create the coconut stir and milk. Provide a boil that is slight 2 moments. Include the boiled egg and shake the pan gently to jacket all of them with the sauce. Period with pepper and salt. Manage the simmer and pot for 15 minutes over lower temperatures.

3. Garnish with coriander dried leaves and serve with steamed rice of your preference.


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