Fried Plantains Quick And Delicious Snack.


The answer to an plate that is excellent of Ripe Plantains would be to make sure that the plantains are in the proper level of ripeness. Your skin should always be nearly black colored or perhaps in some instances, need a dull color that is yellow spots of black colored.
The riper the plantain, the sweeter it's which is precisely why deep-fried ready plantains tend to be these a hit that is big western Indians and non-West Indians.

Ripe plantains peel effortlessly and prepare upwards very quickly.

Fried plantains menu

Fried plantains become a treat that is traditional numerous countries. Give them a go when and also you'll become addicted. Excessively plantains that are ripe perfect for this menu.

12 plantains that are ripe
a cupful oil that is cooking
sodium (recommended)

1. In a big pan that is frying temperature oils over moderate temperatures.
2. Peel the plantains and slice into inch slices that are thick. Increase the pan that is frying. Prepare for each relative part until golden-brown, about 2 – three minutes. Eliminate through the oils to a plate sealed with a paper bath towel to eliminate grease that is excess. Spread with a salt that is little if ideal.

3. offer straight away as a side or snack meal.


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