Get Ready Mailbag Can I Catch The Flu From My Pets

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Q. Everyone loves pets. A dog is counted by me as well as 2 kittens among my loved ones. From me personally? What about the other way around if I have the flu virus this cold weather, can my personal pets capture they?

A. In practically all scenarios, the solution isn't any. The herpes virus that creates the flu virus in human beings is actually species-specific, and that means you can not distribute they your cat or dog, nor is it possible to have it from their store.

The exception that is only avian influenza, also called bird flu virus. The H5N1 "bird flu virus" trojan is known to possess originated from crazy wild birds and relocated into home-based ducks and birds in Asia. Along the way, mutations occurred that let the herpes virus to "start" from wild birds to human beings surviving in near proximity with regards to birds and ducks. Nonetheless there has been no states regarding the bird flu virus getting sent from canines or kittens to individuals and this refers to perhaps not an issue.

But thought beyond the flu virus, you can find conditions that they can catch from us that we can catch from our pets and. To find out more, see this q&A out on pet condition from a specialist in the stores for condition controls and avoidance.

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