Get Ready Mailbag Do I Need A Flu Shot If I Have Had H1n1

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I believe We currently got H1N1 flu virus, aka swine flu virus. Can I nevertheless obtain the vaccine? Just how do I discover without a doubt that Ive got H1N1?

That you had H1N1 flu by way of a lab-confirmed test you should still get vaccinated, according to federal flu experts unless you know 100 percent for sure. A lot of people who've had flu-like ailments since March 2009 (whenever H1N1 was acknowledged) do not understand needless to say whether it was H1N1 that it was the flu, or.

Whether youve had H1N1 or any other specific flu strain, youd need a special test, called the "RT-PCR" to confirm it if you absolutely positively want to know. These examinations in many cases are utilized in medical options such as for example healthcare facilities to simply help fitness people regulate how to deal with patients that are really sick. Nevertheless, they arent generally speaking suitable for men and women whove got flu that is regular and do not want unique practices, which means that your medical practitioner will likely let you know that you do not require examination.

And also that youve had H1N1 and possibly developed full or partial immunity to the virus getting the vaccination wont harm you if it does turn out. Confer with your medical practitioner about whether the vaccination should be got by you, as particular folks are at greater risk to getting unwell from H1N1. The line that is bottom? The usually more straightforward to feel safer than sorry.