Get Ready Mailbag Should I Stay Home If I Have The Flu

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Q. just how long must I remain house from work or school while I possess flu virus? We do not bring days that are many of perform and I also hate my personal teenagers to overlook a lot more school than required, but In addition should not bring others ill.

A. it is the best thing you can do to do keep others safe although it may be difficult to take off time from work or school when you're sick with the flu.

But, there isn't any tough and rule that is fast how much time you need to remain house. The time of the flu virus differs and thus do the period that is infectious. But as a guideline of flash, you need to probably remain house if you're demonstrating flu virus ailments such as for instance temperature, extreme complications, muscle mass pains and aches, weakness, coughing, throat pain or nose that is runny. Preferably, you need to remain house before you're symptom complimentary.

Before it is safe, take precautions to avoid making others sick if you have no other option and must return to school or work. Clean or sanitize both hands often and steer clear of holding contributed stuff. Additionally eliminate trembling fingers and make your best effort to remain the actual space that is personal of.