Health Benefits Of Banana

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Health gains of Banana

Nutritive Values : Per 100 gm.

Supplement A : 430 I.U.
Supplement B : Thiamine .04 milligrams.;
Supplement C : 10 milligrams.
Calcium supplements : 8 milligrams.
Metal : 6 milligrams.
Phosphorus : 28 milligrams.
Potassium : 260 milligrams.
Carbs : 23 gm

Health gains of Banana :
1. Banana try a power booster.
2. Banana contain tryptophan, a form of healthy protein that the physical human body converts into serotonin. Serotonin is actually a hormone this is certainly recognized to make one feel happier and boost your feeling.
3. Banana are a source that is rich of, therefore it really is useful in instances of anemia.
4. Banana is useful a source that is good of. A day to prevent the depletion of potassium in the body if you are taking diuretics take 2 bananas.
5. your skin for the banana is claimed to simply help remove warts(protect the warts with all the skin that is inner of).
6. Banana is perfect for those who have hypertension since it is lower in sodium. Banana can also be useful in the next circumstances : tummy ulcer (banana have an organic antacid)|antacid that is natural}, Colitis, digestion problems, diarrhoea, irregularity (banana has lots of dietary fiber), piles.


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