Healthy Breakfast Red Onion And Button Mushroom Omelette

Want one thing to consume that is rapid, effortless and will not derail weight reduction objectives? This onion that is red switch mushroom omelet produces a filling healthy break fast with many styles but nonetheless simple and quick to make.


Red-colored button and onion mushroom omelet menu


2 cloves of garlic, minced
of environmentally friendly bell pepper, carefully sliced
red-colored onion, carefully sliced
8 switch mushrooms, sliced
Salt-and-pepper to flavor

Place some veggie oils in a heat and pan they. Incorporate the red-colored onion, environmentally friendly bell pepper, and garlic and permit this to saut until smooth and aromatic. Include the sliced button mushrooms and allowed this prepare lower for around 3-5 moments until they somewhat soften and shrink. Eliminate through the temperature and place apart.
Whisk the salt to your eggs and pepper and increase the hot cooking pan. This ought to be adopted instantly because of the mushroomsaut. Prepare the omelet as typical and provide
SERVE THROUGH: some tea/coffee and bread