Herbed Vegetable Combo

Get this area recipe an important dinner by just incorporating prepared cuts of chicken or beef that is lean.

Nutrients details per portion: Calories 24, carb 5 g,dietary soluble fiber 2 grams, proteins 1 g, Total Fat 0 grams, saturated fats 0 g,Trans Fat 0 grams, cholesterol levels 0 milligrams, salt 11 milligrams

Herbed Veggie Combination Menu

Allows 4 portions. glass per portion.
Prep energy: 15 minutes
Make times: 15 minutes

2 tablespoons liquid
1 mug thinly cut zucchini
1 servings thinly cut squash that is yellow
Cup bell that is green, reduce into
2-inch pieces
mug oatmeal, reduce into
2-inch pieces
Cup onion that is chopped
tsp caraway seed products
18 tsp garlic dust
1 method tomato, reduce into 8 wedges

Heating liquid in a pan that is medium. Put zucchini, squash, bell pepper, oatmeal, and onion.
Include and prepare over average heating until vegetables were crisp-tender, about 4 mins.
Spread seasonings over veggie. Leading with tomato wedges.
Manage once more and make more heat that is low tomato wedges were comfortable about 2 mins.
Provide heated.