Here’s Something You Can Do With That Left Over Rice!

I've constantly appreciated fried rice. I possibly could most likely consume an bowl that is entire. The fantastic thing about this menu is actually whatever you would like that you can add! Also young ones will like this fast and simple rice that is fried ideal for a weeknight food.



2 tablespoonful margarine or butter
2 egg, outdone
14 glass sliced onion that is green
14 glass sliced pepper that is redrecommended)
New coriander foliage
2 glasses rice, cooled and prepared
12 glass prepared pork (recommended) or 12 glass chicken that is cookedrecommended)
14 glass soya sauce
12 glass peas that are cookedrecommended)


Melt 1 tablespoonful butter in saucepan or skillet.

Scramble eggs in 1 tablespoonful of butter, splitting up the prepared eggs into little components. Put aside.

Melt the residual 1 tablespoonful butter in saucepan or skillet.

Saute onions and/or peppers that are red butter for three minutes.

Blend egg, onions, grain, and beef.

Blend in soya sauce until colour of grain try consistent. Blend in peas.

Temperature just until hot.
Garnish with fresh coriander foliage.
* When it comes down to grain they recommend time rice that is old. It's my job to prepare mine inside the or night before and refrigerate morning. They shall nevertheless flavor big if you aren't able to perform this.