How To Boil Arrowroot (Nduma)

Arrowroot (Nduma) is healthy foodsbeing ready in Kenya. These include suitable for those who need to reduce weight or consume healthily. These include full of starch and fast to organize.

4 little roots that are arrow
/ tbsp salt
Drinking Water

Peeled arrow origins and cut into average dimensions components.
Subsequently added a cooking pot (Sufuria) and incorporate drinking water to your known amount of the arrowroots (ndumas).
Incorporate cover and salt with a polythene case. Then protect with another cooking pot (sufuria) or a Sufuria treatment.
Subsequently place to cook in moderate temperatures.
After thirty minutes verify that it's prepared by sharp in the toparrowroots (nduma) with a blade of a hand.
If it's nevertheless difficult to increase the amount of h2o and carry on preparing until smooth. Subsequently provide with beverage.