How To Cook Nutritious Savory Greens

You don't have to cook your own vegetables all night; in reality, achieving this pulls minerals away from them. Save your time and nutrition by preparing vegetables for anonly hour that is one-half.

Savory Vegetables Dish

Creates 6 portions. 1 glass per portion.
Prep energy: 15 minutes
Prepare times: half an hour

3 glasses h2o
lb skinless, smoked breast that is turkey
Cup onion that is chopped
1 tablespoonful seeded and chopped jalapeo pepper (recommended)
2 cloves garlic, smashed
tsp cayenne pepper
tsp crushed cloves
tsp dry thyme
1 onion that is green sliced
1 tsp crushed ginger
2 weight vegetables (a combination of mustard vegetables, collard vegetables, kale, and turnip vegetables)

Spot all components except vegetables into a pot that is large provide a boil.
Make vegetables by cleansing completely and stems that are removing.
Slice or tear vegetables into bite-size parts.
Include veggies to turkey inventory. Prepare 20 to a half hour until sensitive. Provide while hot.


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