How To Make Some Easy Cheesy Omelet

This effortless mozzarella cheese omelet may be the breakfast recipe that is perfect. I really like helping they with wheat breads along with some tomatoes that are freshly sliced avocado. Prepared in ten minutes!

Cheesy omelet menu


2 eggs that are large
Touch of sodium
Touch floor white/black pepper
/ spoon oil
1 tablespoonful mozzarella cheese – grated or crumbled.


In a dish. Beat the eggs together with pepper and salt.
Destination oils in a skillet and place to warm up on high temperature for around 2-3 moments. Change heat right down to lower then put in egg. Swirl around to ensure the eggs coat the base of the cooking pan. Allow them to prepare before the eggs begin to put at the very top. Spread mozzarella cheese on top then egg that is fold the 1 / 2. Flip and allow it to prepare for around 1 moment.

Eliminate and luxuriate in with breads plus some tomatoes that are sliced avocado if you want.