Immunization Schedule

Immunization Routine






OPV zero

Hepatitis B -1

6 days

OPV-1 + IPV-1 / OPV -1

OPV alone if IPV are not offered

DTPw-1 / DTPa -1

Hepatitis B -2

Hib -1

10 days

OPV-2 IPV-2 that is + OPV-2

OPV alone if IPV are not offered

DTPw-2 / DTPa -2

Hib -2

14 days

OPV-3 + IPV-3 / OPV -3

OPV alone if IPV are not offered

DTPw-3 / DTPa -3

Hepatitis B -3

Next serving of Hepatitis B may be offered at half a year of get older

Hib -3

9 several months


15-18 several months

OPV-4 + IPV-B1 / OPV -4

OPV alone if IPV are not offered

DTPw booster -1 or DTPa booster -1

Hib booster

MMR -1

a couple of years


Revaccination every 3-4 ages

five years

OPV -5

DTPw booster -2 or DTPa booster -2

MMR -2

The next serving of MMR vaccine may be offered whenever you want 2 months following the dose that is first

several years



Best babes, three amounts at 0, 1-2 and half a year

Vaccines which can be offered after debate with mothers

Significantly more than 6 days

Pneumococcal conjugate

3 doses that are primary 6, 10, and 14 days, followed closely by a booster at 15-18 several months

Significantly more than 6 days

Rotaviral vaccines

(2/3 amounts (according to brand name) at 4-8 days period

After 15 several months


Age not as much as 13 ages: one serving
Age significantly more than 13 ages: 2 amounts at 4-8 days period

After 1 . 5 years

Hepatitis One

2 doses at 6-12 several months period

For additional Ideas : Indian Academy of Pediatrics


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