Lemon Cookies Recipe

These crisp cookies are the perfect treat.Theyre soft, chewy, and packed with bold lemon flavor for the true lemon lover.


/ cup (135 grms) granulated sugar that is white
1 tablespoonful (6 grms) newly grated orange gusto skin that is(outer yellow of) (about 1-2 big lemons)
14 tablespoons (200 grms) unsalted butter, at room-temperature
2 egg that is large (35 grms), at room-temperature
2 glasses (260 grms) all-purpose flour
/ tsp salt.

Technique of preparing

Preheat the oven to 350C. Solution butter and sugar.
Include egg yolk inside the blend with a spatula put orange lemon and juice gusto.
Include vanilla substance then keep mixing add grain flour in salt.
Knead the bread subsequently manage with stick movie in refrigerate for half an hour.
Separate the cash into little testicle. Use them the cooking take to push with a fork to beautify the snacks.
Bake until they truly are very nearly golden-brown.

Lemons were saturated in pectin soluble fiber, which facilitate curb cravings for foodstuffs.It is fantastic for as a whole health that is immune facilitate clean waste through the human anatomy by simply making the the liver most efficient.Lemons are alkaline forming and can help with dieting.