Mashed Potatoes With A Twist

6 potatoes that are large and clipped into halves.
4 cloves garlic, peeled.
/ tsp. sodium.
/ mug cream that is whipping whole milk.
1 tsp margarine or butter.
In a saucepan/sufuria/pot, location carrots, garlic, sodium. Address and temperatures to boiling hot; lower heating. Simmer secure 20 to 25 mins or until delicate (never strain).
Mash potato blend with potato masher on reasonable performance.

An additional pot/sufuria, heating /cup beating cream/milk while the butter over average temperatures, stirring periodically, until butter was melted. Create lotion blend to potato mixture; remain mashing until potatoes become mild and fluffy. Create extra warmed up cream/milk that is whipping desired consistency. Blend and offer hot.