Minced Beef With Spaghetti

An meat that is easy meal for pasta generated easily with soil meat and noodles sauce, flavoured with onion and garlic.
This minced meat recipe with spaghetti is always welcome! Everyone loves it and is very simple to prepare!! Bon appetit for a lunch, with friends!


125 grms minced meat
1 onion that is large
1 onion that is small make the pasta
3 / tablespoons oil that is olive
4 cloves of garlic
250 g pasta
Pepper (to style)
Nutmeg (to style)
Juices of one half orange
1 egg yolk
Sodium (to style)


Month the meat with sodium, pepper, sliced garlic, nutmeg and egg yolk. Combine along with your possession the herbs for the chicken and allowed marinate for a half hour.

Meanwhile, give a boil on high temperature a saucepan with drinking water accomplished with sodium and a onion that is small. Whenever begins boiling hot, create the pasta and prepare over medium-low temperatures about ten full minutes. Become the heat off, strain the pasta along with away.
Position the oil that is olive the sliced onion in big skillet and saute over reasonable temperatures up until the onion actually starts to rotate golden-brown. Create the meat that is minced blend with a wooden scoop and make more low temperature about 20 minutes or so, stirring periodically to combine really. Boil for just two to three full minutes over reasonable heating and switch the heat off. Garnish with coriander dried leaves and offer.