New Get Ready Fact Sheets Help You Prepare For Emergencies

Exactly what must I would if an flood or earthquake moves? How do you get ready for a heat winter or wave violent storm? How do I prevent obtaining H1N1 flu virus?
Then check out the seven new fact sheets from APHAs Get Ready campaign if you have any interest in finding the answers to any of these questions (and you definitely should. These tools that are educational how exactly to get ready for:
* H1N1 flu virus, also known as swine flu virus (PDF)
* earthquakes (PDF)
* flooding (PDF)
* temperatures surf (PDF)
* energy outages (PDF)
* cold weather storms (PDF)
* emergencies at the office (PDF)

The fact that is new can be found in both English and Spanish. Make use of the given suggestions to teach your self as well as your parents, go all of them <blank> at a health reasonable, posting them on university or display all of them in the neighborhood. You can include their teams logo into the reality sheets on our very own get customization page that is ready.

Each one of the reality sheets explains how exactly to get ready for catastrophes, how to proceed while in the emergency that is actual and ways to reply following the situation has gone by. Assist distribute your message about how to manage every one of these ever-present health that is public. Prepare yourself and instruct!